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Bob Derousse BDC DM DM; Prince Stern Du'Arc of Ravenwind; Ruganna the ArchCleric
Mack Bradley mab2217 the Magus Heroditus; Moneypenny the Fair Tecumseh Arden
Walsh Keeley Zorac of Pelor
Tom Schlarman the Magus Ubyk Tarragon of Viscum
Don Munie dmunie don_munie Krug of the Grasslands; Usoab the Ugly Heian Viscum
Doug Kaufman CyclePrch CyclePrch Sir Perthius of the Flame, Arch Mage and Royal Protector of Krishian County; Alidon of Kord Hennet of Highfolk Ashrem the Grey
Skip Dahms Sdahms69 Moebius Dasgov, Thane Gravin "Anvil" Trollbane, Uthgar Torval Liad Visat
Tom Bauman Baumantjb Anlan of the Northern Dwur (Dwarves); Zacopi the Scourge; Vermillian Bloodstain's Brother
Matt Marlen Vermillian Bloodstain
Steve Schindler simpkinMD the Magus Malatheseus Penumbra of the Shadows Hecubus of Hommlet Kerrick of Onnwall
Jim Cluck Bastonal, Lord High Justicar of Ravenwind
Tim Partelow Lidda the Ubiquitous; Storg the Hobgoblin Halberdier Will Birchlore 
Rod Scherpe;
Scherpe911 Sir Zorba, Baronet of Sternhaven, Lord High Master Bard
Les Hostetler UnclFes4 unclefes9 The Magus Academician, Teledesic of Haven, Joporam the Inquisitor, Landgraf Ulrich von Bek of Barduk Silenius Varanasi
Heather Ganschinietz Gnomer70 Latifah, Queen of Mountain Lake, Jade of Hommlet  Wiggy the Elf
Devin Bradley weltdev Lord Cecil, Paladin of Heironymous Chrono Vale

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