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a second volley - taking another shot at firearms, dragon article by ed greenwood
alternate hit point system
- that hurt, dammit
base movement rate chart - not so speedy in that plate mail, hoss
bazaar of the bizarre - some stuff that just doesn't fit in 
be aware and take care - dragon article by lew pulsipher
be prepared for anything - ideas for foiling bob's worst plans 
book of five rings - musashi, and the art of war, plus sun tzu, selected readings
castle guide I
character survival tips - how many of your characters has bob killed?
cool pubs - three nifty joints for tipping a few
cthulu monsters - formatted for 3e, they're tough
cultural traits of melniboneans (treatise by the academician) 
discussion of combat tactics for our party, by les. 
from land to subsistence - more on land, population and food
human aristocracy and naming conventions - where the hell did all the celts come from? by les
in defense of lawful evil - part of the team, by les
killing vampires
- know your bloodsucker
medieval life and agriculture - bottom line? it sucked 
medieval historical pricing guide - an interesting perspective on buying and selling
medieval historical pricing guide deux - very detailed, check it out
munchkins guide to 3E - by kris havlak  
new weapons - from the Yeomanry and the Shire 
on the construction of magickal blades - a treatise by the academician
paladins for all alignments 
psionicist class - beats working for a living
relational list o' weapons - you want me to parry a what? 
sample diety codes - "be prepared" just doesn't get it anymore 
that's life in the big city - dragon article by kevin anderson and kristine thompson 
the fights of fantasy - dragon article by lew pulsipher 
the law of the land - dragon article by ed greenwood 
treatise on undead - black circle wizards' guild 
who lives in that castle? - dragon article by katharine kerr 

humour | 101 Inns you ought not stay in | 101 Things you never want to hear Bob say | 101 Things Ulrich von Bek will do next time he comes to power | wanna sound like a pirate? here's your handy guideevil henchmen's guide - advice for the rest of us | famous last words - the official epitaphs of 1260 of the stupidest characters ever | you know you're a gamer when... you post a dumbass list like this 

utilities | the official BDC player directory | discussion web | mage's assistant - figure out those complicated item construction costs | dnd 3e links and downloads

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