Sample Diety Codes | all of them to be concluded with "... thrifty, brave, clean and reverent." 

The Laws of Hextor might go like this...

Fratricide: Oppose the chosen of Hieroneous in all ways. As Hextor seeks the end of his brother, so you must work to destroy all that his brother favors.

Obedience: Obey those closer to the god as you would obey the god himself - obedience must be swift, unquestioning, and absolute, or it is no better than betrayal.

Implacability: Mercy is weakness. Hextor values only strength. Show no mercy, or no mercy will be shown to you.

Might: Your strength is the strength of Hextor in this world - never doubt it, never squander it. The weak are stronger who serve the strong, and the strong are stronger who receive their service. We are all stronger for serving Hextor.

Honor: Honor is for the strong. Dispatch your inferiors with honor, serve your betters with honor. To Honor a worthy foe, use every means at your disposal to destroy him.

Courtesy: As many battles are won by diplomats as by warriors. Be civil and mannered in your ways, and carry yourself well in society. Give few reason to speak ill of you - and none the opportunity to do so.

OTOH, the priest of neutral good Pelor might teach less codified rules of behavior:

"To walk in the light of Pelor is to see that to be virtuous is to be:
and, above all, Merciful."

Or, for the neutral evil Nerull:

"There is no law but Death, and Nerull is that law. To live is to transgress against the Law of Nerull, and none escape the penalty. The punishment for Life is Death. We have already been judged, we only await the convenience of the executioner."

Or, more obscure, the 'law' of True-Neutral Boccob might go something like:

"Who is to say what a man must do? How do you tell justice from injustice, weal from woe? How can you judge that which you do not understand? How can you understand that which you presume to judge?"

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