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The Famous Door

It's a pub built on stilts over the margin of the river, with just one door's width of street frontage. And it has no sign or any other form of advertising, depending entirely on word-of-mouth advertising. The Famous Door is a *very* good pub, which books the best bards, serves the widest range of imported drinks and delicacies, and has the best chef in town. The booths are semi-private, private balconies looking out on the river are available. Beautiful and witty hostesses are available for private functions, all very discreet. No ruffians.

The Silver Harp

Depending on climate, the main room of the Silver Harp is either a colonnaded court or a roofed hall. In either case there is a stage at one end, a raised, balustraded area around the walls, and very good acoustics. The entertainment is provided by patrons: both amateurs and rising professionals hoping for exposure, and occasionally a visit from some well-established headliner (Rhyslan the Blind drops in late in the evening on Wednesday nights, and sometimes plays a few sets). In addition the establishment hires a small band who play crowd-warmer-uppers early in the evening and provide accompaniment for performers who need it. The crowd or members of the crowd sometimes join in, and sometimes there are impromptu jam sessions.

Anyone can theoretically get up and sing or play at the Silver Harp, and a lot of important impresarios and music-lovers frequent the place. But if your performance isn't up to scratch, or even if it doesn't match the mood of the crowd, goodbye to your career and reputation. You won't be allowed to play again unless you make a real name for yourself in other venues. The Silver Harp is a great joint if you like music. Not so good otherwise, as conversation is not encouraged, and only a limited range of refreshments is available.

The Pavilion of the Four Winds

The Pavilion of the Four Winds is an open, airy structure in the students/scholars' quarter of the city, with a large plain blue lag flying from the spire. It is frequented by sages and students and also by flyers and other aerial people. The main entertainments are Go, backgammon, chess, and loud student bull sessions, but the Pavilion is a good place to find approachable scholarly types, free-lance researchers, and also scouts, explorers and so forth.

There aren't any hostesses in the Pavilion of the Four Winds. Indeed, there isn't really a bar at all. Food and drinks are sold by free-lance peddlers, who show up with their carts and stalls in the mid-afternoon and begin to drift away in the mid-evening. Late at night and in the morning the Pavilion is an open, empty, windy expanse of smooth floorboards, vacant but for scrounging birds and the occasional, time-worn cleaner...

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