The Five Rings | Go Rin No Sho, by Musashi. Absorb his wisdom

Ring One -- The Ground Ring
Do not think dishonestly
The Way is in training
Become acquainted with every Art
Know the Ways of all professions
Distinguish between gain and loss in worldly matters
Develop intuitive judgement and understanding for everything
Perceive those things which cannot be seen
Pay attention even to trifles
Do nothing which is of no use

Ring Two -- The Water Ring
The Five Attitudes -- Upper, Middle, Lower, Right Side, Left Side
The Five Approaches -- To the Middle, to the Upper, to the Lower, to the Left, and to the Right
Cultivate "Attitude -- No Attitude"
Hit the enemy in one timing
Decide to attack when the enemy attacks -- no design, no conception
Spring when the enemy withdraws -- The Flowing Water
Attack several places at once -- The Continuous Cut
Attack strongest where the enemy is strongest -- Fire and Stones
Knock down enemy attacks -- The Red Leaves
Cut -- do not Slash
Do not stretch your arms -- use the Chinese Monkey's body
Stick to the enemy like glue
Strive for height -- intimidate your enemy
Entangle and stick to your enemy
A stab at the face forces your enemy's spirit to wane; a stab at the heart does the same
One cut can win all

Ring Three -- The Fire Ring
Place is important -- force your enemy into bad footholds, yourself into good footholds
Dash in quickly, and bring the attack to your enemy, or...
Feign weakness and attack when your enemy exposes himself, or...
Lead the enemy about, destroying him when he is weak
Know the Times
Tread down the sword
Know about collapse
Become the enemy
Do the unexpected
Show complete calmness of spirit -- do not rush
Cause the enemy to lose his balance
Frighten the enemy
Soak into the enemy
Attack the corners
Throw the enemy into confusion
Mingle, crush and penetrate your enemy's depths
Mountains may change into the sea -- but one cannot be prepared for both

Ring Four -- The Wind Ring
Watch and learn from other schools of thought; they are insights into your enemy's spirit.

Ring Five -- The Final Ring -- The Void
"In the void is virtue and no evil. Wisdom has existence; principle has existence; the Way has existence. Spirit is nothingness."
Musashi, 1645

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