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New Magic Items

Wizard's Staff | Requires 'Craft Wondrous Item' and any one Metamagic feat. Costs 1200 XP and 5000 GP to create. [XP/GP costs are probably out of whack for what it should be]

A Wizard's staff is a 'unique' item that can be found in many places, because every Wizard with one must craft it himself, it cannot be handed down. The staff only works for its creator. All Wizard's Staffs are 5 to 6 feet tall, usually of some stout wood, but each is uniquely modified by the creation process to match the personality of its owner. All have a hook, bulb, or gnarl at one end that serves as a focus for any of the Wizard's spells with the Spell Mastery feat, replacing any material component. The Staff may be used in combat as a +1 Quarterstaff, and any Melee touch attack may be delivered by the staff as a reach weapon attack. In addition, the Staff holds 12 Spell Charges. A Wizard may substitute any spell in his spellbook not memorized that day for a memorized spell for a number of charges equal to the spell level. so, for example, if you'd memorized Melf's Acid Arrow, Blur, and Flaming Sphere as your 2nd level spells for the day, and needed a Knock, you could swap one spell for Knock for 2 charges. The Staff recharges 1 Point per day it is not used.

If 'Craft Magic Arms & Armor' is also known, the +1 of combat use increases to +3

This is intentionally set lower than 'Craft Staff' so that relatively lower level mages (3rd-5th) can have such a staff.


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