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In the scene where Sam and Frodo are in the field with the scarecrow, you can plainly see a car cruising past in the distance, from right to left.

When Frodo is recovering in Rivendell he goes out onto a balcony, places his hand on the railing and looks out over the city. However, the railing for Frodo is waist high. Seeing as how he is a 3-foot Hobbit in a city of human-sized elves, the railing should be over his head.

After the battle with the cave troll, Aragorn rushes over to injured Frodo and brushes past some big rocks which wobble, showing that they are clearly lightweight and not real.

As Boromir and Aragorn talk right before Boromir dies, you can see Boromir's right hand gripping Aragorn's left shoulder in the shot from behind Aragorn's right shoulder, but when the camera veiw changes to Boromir's perspective, looking up at Aragorn, his hand is not there. The scene goes back and forth between these two views several times.

When Frodo awakes in the bed in Rivendell, Frodo's shirt is open and the sheet low down on the bed in the first shot, and then his shirt's closed and the sheet pulled substantially higher in the next shot.

When Frodo stops rolling down the snow covered hill, just before the shot of Boromir picking up the ring, the place where Frodo's fake hobbit foot and real leg meet is visible (it's usually covered by his trousers).

When Boromir walks towards Merry and Pippin to rescue them in a brief shot his elven-cloak is open. In the next shot the cloak is perfectly sealed with the broach again.

When they are in front of the 2 big statues, the statues raise their left arms. When they pass them and you can see them from behind, one statue has raises its left arm and the other its right arm.

In Bag End, once Bilbo has left, and has left the ring on the doorstep inside, Frodo walks in and looks at the ring. From above, one shot of the ring shows it on a different surface than in Bag End (it is grey with grooves, not reddish with cracks). This shot was obviously taken from when the ring lays atop the table in the middle of the council of Elrond.

When Frodo is lying on the floor after Arwen defeats the Nazgul you can see a pimple under the right side of his mouth. The same pimple can be seen when the fellowship aproaches the Pillar of the Kings on the Emyn Muil; in the rest of the movie there is no pimple.

Director Peter Jackson makes a cameo as the first menacing figure the hobbits run into in Bree.

When Sam tells Frodo that if he take another step, he will be farther away from home than ever before, he stands next to a scarecrow. In the next scene, we see both Sam and Frodo, and Sam has passed the scarecrow by several metres. Another zoom at Sam, and he stands by the Scarecrow again.

When the hobbits rush to get off the road at Frodo's demand, the space to both sides of the tree in the upper-right-hand side of the screen is clear. Seconds later, the Rider appears on the left side of the tree, having never appeared on the right side of the tree. There doesn't seem to be any bend in the road that could explain this sudden appearance...

When Frodo and Gandalf are talking in the kitchen of Frodo's house, watch Frodo. He pours some tea into a cup, and then the very next scene, he is drinking from a cup, all in a split second as the conversation continues.

When traveling after Rivendell the fellowship is shown from several different views, never showing a horse. Then just before entering Moria they remove a saddle from one and state that a mine is no place for a horse.

When Gandalf and Saruman are talking in Ortanc, we can see a black strap around Gandalf's fingers on the hand holding his staff. In some shots it's around different fingers, in others it's disappeared completely.

Before the passage of Carhadras, Boromir is fencing with Merry and Pippin. When they tackle him you can see Merry's face and it's obviously a dwarf stand-in for the actor.

Near the end when Frodo has tears running down his face. In the first shot the tear on his right side is short and the left side tear is down to his chin. in the next shot they are reversed.

When Boromir goes to the door of Balin's Tomb in the mines you can see Aragorn in the background putting his torch on the ground, then when it switches to Aragorn and the others he puts the torch down again.

When Arwen enters the water after being chased by the Ringwraiths, as she turns the horse, you can clearly see the fake hobbit (representing an injured Frodo), bounce up and down like a rubber band.

Most of the time the hobbits are barefoot, but when Frodo and Sam are first walking through the fields, Frodo's leg come above long-grass level and his shoe is clearly visible.

When Frodo is recovering in Rivendell from the Ringwraith dagger he is first seen lying in the bed with a chain necklace clearly visible (to which the ring is attached) - in following scenes the necklace is sometimes there - sometimes not.

When Borimir is about to die and Strider is running towards him, one of the supposedly dead Orcs lifts his head to watch Strider run by and then promptly lays his head down again.

In the beginning, Gandalf's pipe keeps mysteriously vanishing from each scene, when he is guiding the cart with Frodo.

At the end of the movie, when Frodo takes the boat to continue on his own. Sam runs into the water to follow Frodo as he promised Gandalf. When Sam is about half way to the boat, he goes under water because he can not swim. He almost reaches the bottom of the flood, and does not swim up at any time. Suddenly, Frodo takes his hand and pulls him into the boat, but Frodo has not moved an inch and Sam did not swim to the surface.

When they are all walking up the snowy mountain the camera starts off with a larger view and then goes to a closer view of the people. In the larger view there are no footprints but in the smaller view there are.

On top of the mountain ridge (after Boromir gives the dropped ring back to Frodo) there is a conversation between Gandalf and Strider. As the camera flicks back and forth between Gandalf and Strider, Gandalf is in sunlight but Strider is in shadow - despite the two only being about 5 metres apart. 


When Gandalf first approaches the village on the cart, a water-powered mill can be seen slowly turning in an anti-clockwise direction. The water in the foreground stream appears to be travelling from right to left which would make the mill turn in a clockwise direction. However, in the very next scene (shot looking across the bridge at the same mill) the water is clearly stationary because the leaves on the surface of the stream are not moving. So either the mill is turning the wrong way or it should not be moving at all. [If you look closesly at the Mill house, you can see a water sluce over the top of the wheel. It is the water from the sluce which is turning the wheel, not the water in the river. In fact the wheel doesn't even touch the river.]

When Hugo Weaving is urging that guy to destroy the ring, at one angle his cape is not blowing in the wind; at a different angle his cape is blowing wildly. [His cape blows up with the air and then settles by the time the shot cuts.]

When Gandalf battles the evil wizard, Gandalf's staff is taken from him and he is therefore defeated. Gandalf is placed atop a large column until rescued by the giant bird. Once united with Frodo again, however, Gandalf's staff is by his side. [Gandalf doesn't regain his staff, he has two different staffs. The branches on the tip of the first one are almost straight and there's a spot for his pipe to fit. On the second one the branches on the tip are bent to one side. Both can be seen in pre-release pictures.]

When Gimli the Dwarf tries to smash the ring to pieces at the council of Elrond his axe breaks into small pieces instead. In a shot shortly after, when the fellowship is decided, he promises his axe and his company to the fellowship, but this time the axe is completely whole. [He does not grab his own axe, he grabs the axe of the dwarf next to him.]

When the orcs charge down the mountain, Legolas shoots his arrows at them. At one point, he has three left and doesn't fire any more, but in the shot by the lake, he has about 20, which then change colour to a vibrant green. [In the book, Legolas always collects the orc's arrows to use. So it's likely that they use green arrows and he picked them up after the fighting was over.]

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