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Sources: AoE - Artifact of Evil (TSR) | BoA - Book of Artefacts (TSR) | CoG - City of Greyhawk (TSR) | DM1 - Dungeon Master Guide 1st Edition (TSR) | DR# - Dragon Magazine number # (TSR) | FtA - From the Ashes (TSR) | GA - Greyhawk Adventures (TSR) | JK - Joe Katzman and Erin Smale, The Geoff Project | MBD - "Oerth's Dwarves" by MB Drapier | OJ# - Oerth Journal volume # | RM - "Dullstrand" by Roger Moore | SQ - "City of Dyvers" by Samantha Quest | SR - "Timeline of the Sheldomar" by Scott Rennie | SW - "Celene" by Steve Wilson | WAR - Wars (TSR) | WoG - The World of Greyhawk Boxed Set (TSR)

CY OR RD FT SD OC The Kingdom of Aerdy The Bakluni Hierarchy The Kingdom of the Dwurs at Azak Morad The Great Kingdom The Flanae Tally of Years The Oerid Reckoning The Olven Calendar The Sueloise Dominion
310 955 6085 2461 5826 4773 Beginning of the Formation of the Shield Lands. A tribal group from the far west of Oerik sweep through the southlands of the old Bakluni areas, they call themselves the Paynim.            
320 965 6095 2471 5836 4783 Nomads Appear in the North, outer dependencies of Aerdy gain sovereignty.              
350 995 6125 2501 5866 4813 The formation of the Bandit Kingdoms complete.              
351 996 6126 2502 5867 4814     Conflicts become more intense when in the clans of northern edge of Geoff, is started Jeblan Kazar, the Jebline War (SR). During that period, the dwurs of Geoff try to purge the mountains from the jeblis, with the appreciated help of humans and elves. It does not succeed, the jebli tribes retreat to the Underdark.          
356 1001 6131 2507 5872 4819 Kingdom of Nyrond established, Kingdom of Keoland reaches peak; Keoland's "Small War" with Furyondy. Urnst become independent. Theocracy of the Pale founded by religious refugees of Pholtus from the Great Kingdom.   Secession of Nyrond (WoG, FtA). The imperial politic changest and become even more tyrannic.          
360 1005 6135 2511 5876 4823 Battle of Molvar and Battle of Lopolla end Keolandish expansion to the North.              
371 1016 6146 2522 5887 4834 Founder of Bandit Kingdom City of Rookroost assassinated. Starts precedent for ascension to leadership of that enclave.              
375 1020 6150 2526 5891 4838 Zagig Yragerne begins construction of Greyhawk Castle.              
390 1035 6165 2541 5906 4853 The Malachite Throne overthrows Vecna II.              
393 1038 6168 2544 5909 4856 Zagig Yragerne founds the Guild of Wizardry in Greyhawk.              
394 1039 6169 2545 5910 4857 The publishing of Pontus Hardiggin's, halfling traveler extraordinaire, journals and his description of Esmerin, "the land of giants and halflings in the Lortmils."              
400 1045 6175 2551 5916 4863 Voorman Perren unites cantons of Perrenland.              
416 1061 6191 2567 5932 4879 The paladin, Myro, conquers one of the bandit kingdoms and declares himself "king."              
430 1075 6205 2581 5946 4893 Vlek Col Vlekzed establishes the Hold of Stonefist.              
435 1080 6210 2586 5951 4898 An unnamed agent of an evil deity bestows the Hand of Vecna, on Myro. He is corrupted by it.              
437 1082 6212 2588 5953 4900 Turmoil Between the Crowns. House Naelax replaces House Rax on Malachite Throne.   Turmoil between Crowns (WoG, FtA). The House of Naelax ascends on the Malachite Throne. Following this change of power, the Count of Sunndi applies the new imperial policy and orders repressions after repressions in the villages and clans where the reverence of the new official state religion, Hextor, is not popular or payments of ruinous taxes to finance the Emperor's war effort against Nyrond. When Olves withdraw in their wood, the dwurs and the noniz take arms defend their heights without quarters, accomodating all those wanting to release itself from the yoke of the Aerdy (FtA).          
439 1084 6214 2590 5955 4902     The lyrkerami of Rakers enter war against the troops of Ivid I to the side of their noniz and olven friends. This war never ceased since.          
440 1085 6215 2591 5956 4903 Warrior­Priests of Wintershiven found the Church Militant (of Pholtus).              
446 1091 6221 2597 5962 4909 Founding of Iron League; Bandit Kings sack Trigol; Assassination of the entire house of Rax in the Great Kingdom.   After abuses in all kind from the imperial troops of Aerdy, the Iron League is founded (WoG, FtA). All the lyrkerami clans of the south adhere to this idea. Nevertheless Irongate does not joint the League. Though continuing to affirm its fidelity to the Malachite Throne, Irongate takes slowly its distances and become increasingly independent under the pressure of the clans of the Headlands and Ironhills. Thanks to the military assistance of Queen Astaranthe of Celene, the dwurs controlling the south of Lortmils are recognized the right to manage these grounds by Keoland. The Principality of Ulek is born (SW).          
449 1094 6224 2600 5965 4912 Second Civil War in Rauxes. University of Rauxes sacked.              
450 1095 6225 2601 5966 4913 Myro is destroyed by a joint force from Nyrond, Furyondy and the Shield Lands.              
453 1098 6228 2604 5969 4916 King Tavish III of Keoland dies, Tavish IV ascends to throne; end of Keoish Emperialism. The ill­fated expedition of Sormod of Perrenland to find Eru­Tovar, north of Blackmoor.              
455 1100 6230 2606 5971 4918 Sunndi rebels against the Great Kingdom, joins the Iron League.   The people of Sunndi raises and joins the Iron League (WoG, FtA). It is the time of the reconciliation for Dwurs and Olves.          
461 1106 6236 2612 5977 4924 Demi­human realm of Ulek affected, demi­human realm of Celene revealed (although it is also "affected" in the eyes of the Great Kingdom, this hidden Elven realm actually just decides to open communications with the human kingdoms at this time).              
460 1105 6235 2611 5976 4923             The demi­human Ulek realms are effected. Celene reveals itself.  
465 1110 6240 2616 5981 4928 Volte, a blue dragon terrorizing Geoff and Sterich, is defeated by a group of adventurers aided by Schemley, a Greyhawk dragon.              
468 1113 6243 2619 5984 4931 The Witch­Queen Iggwilv's power grows in the Yatils. She conquers Perrenland.   The Witch Queen Iggwilv conquers Perrenland and destroys some lyrkerami clans of the southern Yatils (OJ5). The dwurs close the gates of their holds during ten years until the overthrow of Iggwilv in which they have an active role.          
478 1123 6253 2629 5994 4941 ggwilv is overthrown and imprisoned. Perrenland is liberated.              
479 1124 6254 2630 5995 4942 Might of Iuz grows, humanoid invasions become common.              
480 1125 6255 2631 5996 4943 City of Elredd founded by a Wolf Nomad warrior on the site of earlier camp settlements.              
494 1139 6269 2645 6010 4957 Ivid I dies, Ivid II ascends the Malachite Throne.              
496 1141 6271 2647 6012 4959     Hateful Wars (WoG, FtA). Despite unquestionable efforts to hold their grounds, the two modest clans installed in the hills of the Drackengrabs (Nimberin and Gratemfern) are constrained to move when the routed Lortmils humanoid armies take over the region. The survivors find refuge, in Dyvers then in the kingdom of Ferrond (future Furyondy) (SQ).          
497 1142 6272 2648 6013 4960 Ivid II is assassinated and replaced by his son, Ivid III.              
498 1143 6273 2649 6014 4961 County of Urnst becomes Palatinate under Duchy of Urnst; Greyhawk becomes free city.              
505 1150 6280 2656 6021 4968 Imprisonment of Iuz in beneath the Castle Greyhawk.              
506 1151 6281 2657 6022 4969 Jurnre falls at the height of The Hateful Wars.              
510 1155 6285 2661 6026 4973 Last of the Euroz and Jebli driven from the Lortmil Mountains. Lord Sandor the Headstrong of Polvar (in Ket) pursues the goblin horde of Urgush. Both forces are lost to the poisons of Csipros Erd, the Geysers of Death located somewhere in the maze of valleys and hills north of the Barriear Peak region. This ended the Hateful Wars.   Fleeing the Hateful Wars, some humanoid tribes settle in the hills of the northern Peaks Barrier. The jebli troops of Urgush is decimated by the Geysers of Csipros Erd (GA).          
511 1156 6286 2662 6027 4974 The Battle of Dour Pentress.              
513 1158 6288 2664 6029 4976 Rise of Horned Society; humanoids take Pomarj.              
516 1161 6291 2667 6032 4979 First Sighting of the Velunese Lights.              
519 1164 6294 2670 6035 4982 Founding of Azak­Zil ("Pureheart") by the dwarven clan Highgate.   Following the calculations of the sage Jemrek Longsight, House of Highforge of Irongate comes out victorious from the race to comet and founds Azak-Zil (Pure Heart) (hex O3-91) in the southern Abbor-Alz. The port of Zarak (hex Q3-100) is built (GA).          
520 1165 6295 2671 6036 4983 Hradji Beartooth's discovery of Skrellingshald.              
522 1167 6297 2673 6038 4985 King Belvor II is crowned in Furyondy.              
523 1168 6298 2674 6039 4986 Storrich of the Hold of Stonefist supposedly enter the Burning Cliffs region.              
524 1169 6299 2675 6040 4987 Loss of Azak­Zil.   Zarak is deserted (GA).          
526 1171 6301 2677 6042 4989 Dyvers becomes a Free City.              
537 1182 6312 2688 6053 5000 King Belvor III of Furyondy dies in his sleep.              
550 1195 6325 2701 6066 5013 The Valley of the Mage is established.   Foundation of the Valley of the Mage (WoG). At first, the dwurs regard this nation as 'to be avoided' then noting that noniz live there without complaining, they begin to trade.          
555 1200 6330 2706 6071 5018 The Frutzii are conquered by the Schnai.              
556 1201 6331 2707 6072 5019 The discovery the unusual halfling casket in the River near Courwood. Ivid IV is assassinated by his son, Ivid V.              
  645 5775 2151 5516 4463 (The following years from 557­583 CY are called "The Times of Struggle" by historians.)              
557 1202 6332 2708 6073 5020 Rise of the Slaver Lords in Drachensgrabs.              
560 1205 6335 2711 6076 5023 Formation of the Circle of Eight.              
561 1206 6336 2712 6077 5024 The Wizard Murq captures and kills many of the children of the nobility of Greyhawk.              
562 1207 6337 2713 6078 5025     The humanoids of the Rakers unit and attack the dwur clans of the Lowlands. Despite the assistance of their noniz allies, the clans of Blemu Hills are destroyed and the Bone March is founded (WoG, FtA).          
563 1208 6338 2714 6079 5026 Bone March taken by humanoids.              
565 1210 6340 2716 6081 5028 Defeat of the Slave Lords.              
566 1211 6341 2717 6082 5029 Alliance of Drow with Giants in the West of the Flanaess.   Under the control of House Eilserv, the drows assume control the giants of Crystalmists. The few following years are marked by a succession of skirmishes during which the giants in their turn take control of the humanoid tribes of that range (JK).          
567 1212 6342 2718 6083 5030 The "Beggar's War" in Greyhawk Beggar's Union defeated by Thieves' Guild.              
569 1214 6344 2720 6085 5032 Battle of Emridy Meadows-Horde of Elemental Evil Scattered. Herzog of the South Province leads forces to a minor victory over the Golden League (Nyrond, Almor and the Iron League).   Battle of Emridy Meadows. Dwur contigents from the Lortmils are present (WoG).          
570 1215 6345 2721 6086 5033 Iuz freed from captivity and returns north.              
571 1216 6346 2722 6087 5034 Irongate joins the Golden League and drives Ivid's forces under the Herzog back to the South Province.   After other years of abuse from the Herzog of the Province of the South, Irongate finally joins with the Iron League. The imperial force sent in reprisals is defeated with the assistance of the dwurs of Iron Hills (WoG).          
572 1217 6347 2723 6088 5035 The Dawnbreaker Clan of Rauxes fails to overthrow Ivid. Sea Barons defeat Duxchaners in The Battle of Medegia.              
573 1218 6348 2724 6089 5036 Scarlet Brotherhood first reported; Prince of Furyondy and Provost of Veluna kidnapped; The Cult of the Reptile God Rises in Orlane.              
575 1220 6350 2726 6091 5038 Appointment of the People's Constables in Greyhawk City. Duke Eyeh II of Tenh begins an aggressive campaign to clear the Troll Fens.              
576 1221 6351 2727 6092 5039 "Guide to the World of Greyhawk" completed by Pluffet Smedger the Elder.              
577 1222 6352 2728 6093 5040 The expedition of Archmage Marinian of Willip is lost searching for "The City of the Gods" north of Blackmoor. The Royal Minting House of Nyrond moves from Rel Mord to Womtham.   Ratik and the noniz of its southern hills are attacked by the Bone March humanoids. Ratik asks for the help from the dwurs cannot give because they are blocked in their besieged mountain holds. The noniz hold their ground (DR57). Herzog Chelor takes the field. Idee is called upon to ready itself for full-scale warfare. Veterans are recalled to bring the standing army up to full strength, and the militia is also called up mostly to man and repair border posts. When the Provincials begin to advance southward, it is the Dwurking Holgi Hirsute who takes to the field with his troops, for Fedorik was able to send only 6,000 men against the invaders. King Holgi chased the Provincials back, but a rift developed between the Count and the Dwarfking since Fedorik refuses to retract his statement that "the Dwarfking's long beard caused the dwarven contingent to move so slowly against Herzog Chelor, for the Count's own troops were mauled when the dwarves were late in arriving during the pursuit of the retreating Provincials" (DR57).          
579 1224 6354 2730 6095 5042 Reformation of Coinage in Greyhawk City; beginning of infiltration of Horned Society into Bandit Kingdoms; The Outbreak of the Red Death, and the Change of Istus.              
580 1225 6355 2731 6096 5043 Magnificent Talking Goat Party formed in Greyhawk; The Declaimers of Stroun predict the downfall of Tenh.   The forces of Prince Olinstaad Corond of Ulek plunder Strandkeep Castle in Drachensgrab (unknown hex) discovering in place of legions of jebli and euroz, human mages, ogres and trolls. An advanced outstation of the Scarlet Brotherhood has been discovered (AoE). In Crystalmists, first raids from giants on isolated clans. During the Wars, these raids will become a full-scale invasion (FtA).          
581 1226 6356 2732 6097 5044 Vecna (after apparently destroying of the Circle of Eight) is himself thrown into out of the Prime Material planes at Tovag Baragu. Cuthbert expends huge amounts of energy to simulate the death of the Circle, and after contributing immense aid to a party in overthrowing Vecna, is himself greatly weakened.              
582 1227 6357 2733 6098 5045 Rise of Vatun (Iuz) in the North; Fall of Tenh; Beginning of the Greyhawk Wars.              
583 1228 6358 2734 6099 5046 Destruction of Shield Lands; Ossian's Raid, fall of Medegia; Rise of the Pomarj; Fall of Geoff and Sterich, Conquest of Bissel; Usurpation of the Lordship of the Isles, Fall of the Sea Princes. Fall of the Onnwall and Idee; Halfling Blight in Elmshire; Night of Terror on the Wild Coast; Elves reclaim Lendore Isle. The first appearance of Mayaheine's avatar on Oerth.   Greyhawk Wars (WAR, FtA). Onnwal and Idee fall to the hands of the Scarlet Brotherhood. Irongate avoids this fate thanks to the vigilence of Cobb Darg. Consequently, the Iron League dwurs enter war against these slavers and the signature of peace in 585 CY does not change anything for them (FtA). Sunndi is conquered by the Gloriole Army of the Great Kingdom then freed by Commander Osson of Almor. In 584 CY, many refugees flee Dullstrand for fear it will be the next target of the Scarlet Ones. They migrate in the Hestmark Highlands. These newcomers are not like much by the noniz and even less by the dwurs. Nevertheless, they are allowed to stay and to found small communities. The dwurs begin to teach them the ways of fighting so that they can return home rapidly (RM). Turrosh Mak raises the humanoid legions of the Pomarj in 6360 RD (584 CY) and attacks the Principality of Ulek then march towards the Lortmils. Battle of Celene Pass (23-27 Flocktime 584 CY) (WAR). Giants Troubles (6360 RD; 584 CY). A large number of the Crystalmists, Sterich and Geoff holds are destroyed or evacuated (FtA). Many survivors flee east and settle in the Good Hills. However, the war still continues in the Crystalmists and from now on it becomes part of the everyday life. The dwur refugees in Keoland know it well. This is why, they found in 585 CY, together with those of Good Hills, Little Hills and Stark Mounds, the Imperial Dwur League whose only goal is to provide whatever help their heroic mountain brothers would need. This organization, helped by the Independent League of Dwur Merchants finance raids against the humanoids of the West. No quarter is expected from its mercenaries. (MBD).          
584 4477 6359 2735 5047 Destruction of Almor; Dissolution of the Great Kingdom; End of the Greyhawk Wars; Great day of Signing; Treachery of Rary; Breaking of the Circle of Eight; The Great Burn in Greyhawk; Formation of the Kingdom of the Bright Lands.           The realm of Arrisa reclaims Lendore Island, elves from the Flanaess began to migrate to Arrisa in large numbers.  


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