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CY OR RD FT SD OC The Kingdom of Aerdy The Bakluni Hierarchy The Kingdom of the Dwurs at Azak Morad The Great Kingdom The Flanae Tally of Years The Oerid Reckoning The Olven Calendar The Sueloise Dominion
1 646 5776 2152 5517 4464 Crowning Nasron, of the House of Cramden, as the Overking of Aerdy.   The First Emperor of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy is crowned (WoG, FtA).The Powerful King Hilmar Derender of the Glorioles attends the ceremony and ensures him of his friendship. It will be sincere during many years. On the other hand, no chief of the Gull Cliffs is present. They put themselves out of the human laws and will suffer of this status until the quasi-total destruction of all their clans. Crowning of Nasron, of the House of Cranden, as the Overking of Aerdy. Thus begins the most glorious chapter in Aerdy history. Although the Crandens will rule a comparatively short period time, their rule will always be known as a golden age, as the greatest achievements in art, magic and statemanship occur during this time. In Richfest of that year Narson I declares the Pax Aerdy (Aerdian peace) throughout the empire.        
2 647 5777 2153 5518 4465       Army commanders from all parts of the Empire come to swear allegiance to the Overking. This is against the old custom that their primary allegiance was to their noble houses. Narson divides the "western campaign" into: the "Army of Furyondy", the small but efficient "Velverdyva Army" where most of the old students of Azharadian go, the "Shield Army" which is supposed to protect the empire from orcish raids from the north. The "Army of Rel Mord" which is from the very beginning under the control of the Nyrond noble house, even when the chief appointed general is not from that house, and the "Lortmil Army" which has to face those few still unconquered Oeridian lands. The "Southern campaign" he divides into : the "Sea Barons", virtually the ocean navy of the Great Kingdom, the "Hestmark army" and one of the most elite, the "Glorioles Army". He establishes elite units within the Royal Guard and increases the number of ordinary guards so that they virtually become the army of the central lands.        
31 676 5806 2182 5547 4494       Narson Cranden dies and is buried in the family tomb in Rel Deven. His second son Belver becomes Overking.        
32 677 5807 2183 5548 4495       Narson's brother, Schandor Cranden is appointed royal mage by his nephew. He will be one more of those people who have marked the history of Aerdy and we might even say the world.        
33 678 5808 2184 5549 4496       Schandor Cranden with help of some other mages and sages and also with the high priests of several lawful religions starts to write the "Lex Aerdy", the first Oeridian Code of Laws, one that will continue to be used for generations and to which at least lip service is paid even today under the degenerate Naelax Kings.        
38 683 5813 2189 5554 4501       "Lex Aerdy" is finished and starts to be employed by the Overkings. It is a seven hundred pages long code which establishes the proper place in society for anybody, from King to lowliest peasants and slaves.        
40 685 5815 2191 5556 4503       Belver Cranden dies of fever and his baby son Celeb becomes Overking. Schandor becomes regent.        
41 686 5816 2192 5557 4504       First violation of Pax Aerdy occurs as Avaric, general of the Furyondian Army, rebels against the Overking. He starts skirmishing with the "Velverdyva army" and a great number of soldiers desert both armies. Schandor sends one detachment of the Royal Guard including the Elite Legion to combat the rebels.        
42 687 5817 2193 5558 4505       General Veixers of the Elite Legion defeats Avaric and returns triumphantly to Rauxes. Schandor awards him with the title of leader of the newly formed "Guard Companion". This controversial unit will be the source of much disagreement between chroniclers of the life of Schandor Cranden. While more traditional ones attack him for giving the ultimate weapon of oppression into the hands of the Overkings, others praise him for postponing and reducing the chances of civil war in Aerdy. In any case the Companion Guard will be from that year the chief force for destroying nobleman rebellions and any other kind of civil disobedience within the empire. They are sworn loyal to " who with blessing of the Patriarchs sits upon the Malachite throne.." and are recruited from the most competent soldiers in the whole empire. Their number will vary between one and seven hundred but will stabilise on 200 heavy knights with 500 reserves ready to take the place of those fallen.        
43 688 5818 2194 5559 4506       Schandor recognizes Zilchus's faith as the third major religion of the empire in order to keep balance and encourage trade and well-being.        
44 689 5819 2195 5560 4507       Schandor, with the help of lawful Patriarchs establishes the "Chamber of Essence" in Rauxes, necessary additions are made to the "Lex Aerdy".        
46 691 5821 2197 5562 4509       Although successful in their attempts to create an underground "highway" from Rel Deven to the Cauldron of Night, Cranden mages discover vast underground chambers populated with several intelligent species. Most dangerous of all, semi-aquatic creatures called Kuo-Toa challenge Cranden rights to the underground route and start attacking the builders and mages of Cranden.        
47 692 5822 2198 5563 4510       Several marriages mark the combining of two important noble houses, that of Rax, from the south-east and Nyrond from the north. This house suddenly becomes one of most prestigeous and richest both in political influence and estates.        
48 693 5823 2199 5564 4511       In spite of attacks, several Cranden noblemen, both mages and others, dare to exploit the vast underground that is discovered. A few sketchy maps are made. Cranden wizards decide to make a few underground libraries and to move some of their magical potential underground so it can be kept outside the grasp of the noblemen.        
50 695 5825 2201 5566 4513       Kuo-Toan attacks increase in severity as the Crandens try to establish a small harbour on the rim of a sunless sea.        
51 696 5826 2202 5567 4514       Schandor builds a new noble's quarter in Rauxes. In the same year he orders the building of a walled city on the place of former keep Dyvers in Furyondy and also the building of Eastfair to the north.        
54 699 5829 2205 5570 4517       Celeb Cranden comes of age and takes the reigning scepter from his uncle. He will be noted as probably the best but definitely one of the tactless Kings of the golden age. During his reign a bitter quarrel begins between the Crandens from Rel Deven and those from Rauxes.        
57 702 5832 2208 5573 4520       Schandor Cranden dies; law giver and builder, one of those rulers who will be remembered more for what they gave than what they have conquered.        
59 704 5834 2210 5575 4522       One of most revered Cranden mages is killed in a Kuo-Toan attack in what now comes to be known as the "Underdark". Mages swear to retaliate with the greatest force. Unwilling to explain his purposes, for the Cranden mages did not want the Overking's influence over their dealings in the Underdark, the new head of the family mages demands from Celeb that several musters of soldiers should be put under the direct control of Rel Deven to serve in some unexplained conflict. The King refuses and with proud words sends the mage away. Silently Yaverl Cranden leaves the capital, never to return.        
60 705 5835 2211 5576 4523       House Cranden starts building and equipping troops, mainly from serfs and peasants from their own lands in clear defiance of the "Lex Aerdy". The outraged king arrests several of his mage cousins and threatens that he will use the Companion Guard if the Crandens do not stop their activities. Yaverl seemingly capitulates as he disbands a few of the newly created musters        
75 720 5850 2226 5591 4538 Tenmeris and his Queen, Yalranda rule Aerdy.              
100 745 5875 2251 5616 4563 Foundation of Viceroyalty of Furyondy.              
102 747 5877 2253 5618 4565     Drows try to unite all the humano´des against the dwurs but they do not succeed. Each tribe of Crystalmists attacks a random clan without any concertation. It is a terrible failure for the drows and human, olves and dwurs decimate them at the battle of Jarlsberg (SR).          
107 752 5882 2258 5623 4570 The Overking of Aerdy constructs Castle Millennium at Seawolf Point.              
113 758 5888 2264 5629 4576 Alisedran's report of The Hanging Glacier.              
119 764 5894 2270 5635 4582     A very aggressive race of dwarves is discovered in undergrounds of Markaddin, the derros. The dwurs loremasters of Azak Morad still wonder about the origin of these hateful creatures. However, they exclude any dwur lineage because of the evident ability of those with magic. "Better say we're the brothers of the 'mindless' (translate elves)!" is their saying.          
155 800 5930 2306 5671 4618 Attir Aedorich's discovery of the Sinking Isle.              
198 843 5973 2349 5714 4661 The appearance of the Ball of Fire over the South of the Great Kingdom.              
200 845 5975 2351 5716 4663 City of Leukish began as a trading post.              
213 858 5988 2364 5729 4676 Age of Great Sorrow.              
254 899 6029 2405 5770 4717 Kingdom of Furyondy declared with crowning of Thrommel I. Veluna and Tenh follow in declaring independence.              
272 917 6047 2423 5788 4735 Padin the Vain uses the Hand of Vecna to start the Insurrection of the Yaheetes, a Flanae enclave in the North Province. The Malachite Throne destroys them to a person.              
283 928 6058 2434 5799 4746 Thrommel III begins construction of Chendl.              
290 935 6065 2441 5806 4753 "Vecna II" builds rises in the Bone March Area and builds Tyrus. He rules for 100 years with the aid of the Eye of Vecna.              

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