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Item: People  Entry
Terjohn Cleric of St. Cuthbert in Hommlet, friend of Heroditus; trained as a warrior, approximately 50 years old.
Dell Elven trapper, encountered on the initial trip to the Moathouse
Spoonwar Potioner of Hommlet; Jade's master; was trapped briefly inside the Moathouse while hunting herbs
Gaynor Ton Moathouse resident, cleric of some kind; left scrap of journal.
Fise Miller of Hommlet; disappeared before the party could question him; house was abandoned.
Chartrilon Hommlet resident mentioned in journal of Gaynor Ton; he brought food to moathouse denizens from Hommlet; half-elf, dates the half-elven bartender at the welcome wench; reportedly does not wear armor
Burne Lord of Hommlet; lives in the tower at southwest corner of town near Druid's Grove; fairly powerful magic user.
Rufus Captain of Hommlet Guard, companion of Burne; large, experienced fighter.
DeQuint Unknown writer to Master Durant, ordering him to set up a secret base in Hommlet
Master Durant Cleric, killed in Mill ambush; was to receive letter from Dequint, never did; 
Tal Shammish Resident of Rastor, wagon may be obtained from him according to DeQuint
Festrath Deceased moathouse resident, member of the Temple of Water according to papers on his person
Jaroo Ashstaff Deceased druid of Hommlet; he was killed and imitated by a doppelganger for at least two weeks; he travelled extensively, was rather solitary, an acquaintance of Burne for decades
Yundi Associate of Jaroo Ashstaff, wields a scimitar, probably the assistant druid
Elmo Friend of Jaroo Ashstaff, dimwitted but honest
Rared Hammersong Dwarven Elder of Rastor, former miner
Eggar (Turghart?) Dwarven smith, resident of Rastor, former miner
Timmeria Adventurer, Boccobian, wizard but has lost significant levels due to wraith attacks; resident of Rastor, will answer questions about crater for 100gp
Reddithidor  Envoy of the King of Furyondy; travels with four companions, at least one elf; fighter, very competent looking, follower of Heironymous
Doomdreamers (doomsayers, the Obex) Group of three organizers of evil acts associated with the Temple of All Consumption; (Timmeria); Lareth hinted that they may be more than three; 
Mereclar Addressee of letter found at the Mine signed by Nequent
Nequent Writer of letter found at the Mine to Mereclar
Elemental Evil Champion Mentioned in Nequent's letter to Mereclar, found at the mine; being sought by "clerics of the outer fane"
Clerics of the Outer Fane Mentioned in Nequent's letter to Mereclar, found at the mine; they seek the Elemental Evil Champion
Ing Sorbell (Belsoring) Famous Verbobonc merchant; interested in opening a market in Hommlet; camped near Nulb and entered it (and lied about it); considered powerful and influential, but disliked in Hommlet, hadn't been seen there for years; has an armory along the Wild Coast, a fleet of ships, and political contacts everywhere; by far the richest man in Verbobonc, considered an honor to be hired by him; company is called the Flame Network, and his main warehouse, the Ember. In Safeton, the Glowing Brazier Armory and Dock is comprised of a 30 ship fleet, the Wooly Bay Salamanders, bearing the salamander and trident standard; they put in at Sternhaven and Canistan; all his armories are symbol-ed with fire-based; occasionally wears ochre robes as part of his duties with the "Flame Consortium." Water priest and surviving member of the original Temple; described as a fat, gross creature, believed to be the leader of the original greater temple as well… (Todarch Nem); tried to recruit Lareth to join him, was rejected; 
Lareth the Beautiful Former overseer of the moathouse; powerful spellcaster, including clairvoyance, chill touch, ESP; follower of Lloth (Todarch Nem); 
Kayla Elven druid, lives near Nulb; told party of travellers near Nulb
Forsooth Son of Ing Sorbel, resident of Verbobonc
Todarch Nem Sage schooled in local history and arcana; 
Senshock the Mage Surviving member of the original Temple (Todarch Nem); 
Romag  Air priest, surviving member of the original Temple (Todarch Nem); 
Hendrick Former priest of the Greater Temple, Lareth's superior (Todarch Nem); unknown if still alive; 
Zoad the Slayer Wolf barbarian; in Rastor with adventuring companions, very strong


Item: Gods  Entry
Iuz Son of a human sorcerer and a demon prince (Grzzt); Zuggtmoy is his consort, CE
Grzzt Father of Iuz; rival of Lolth; worshipped by Drow.
Zuggtmoy Evil Goddess of molds and fungi; Iuz' consort, CE
Lolth Evil goddess of spiders and drow, CE
Igwill Iuz mother; a tiefling - a half-breed - part human, part Other; she was consort to a demon of great power (Todarch Nem)


Item: Places Entry
The Mine Located outside Rastor; overtaken by humanoids around the time of the fall of the Original Temple; not very rich, has several entrances (Eggar/Turghart)
The Crater Located near the Temple of All Consumption; guarded by lightning strikes and wraiths (Timmeria); 
Hommlet Village north and east of Verbobonc; overseen by Rufus and Burne
Moathouse Abandoned keep located east of Hommlet, southeast of the Temple; inhabited by various Temple denizens, including ???, center of Hommlet-based temple activity.
Temple of All Consumption Located outside Rastor, near the location of a large crater; put together by a group of doomsayers to bring back the Ultimate Evil (Timmeria); attempting to bring back a greater evil (Todarch Nem); 
Temples of the Elementals Located near Nulb (Bob); 
Temple of Water believed to the strongest elemental temple (Todarch Nem); 
Temple of Air Romag is former high priest; existence inferred
Temple of Fire existence inferred
Temple of Earth existence inferred; the priest of Earth was killed in the foothills of Rastor, chased from the temple, and then killed
Land of Iuz 300 miles north of Hommlet (Bob); 
Nulb Ghost town, located near Hommlet; it was destroyed when the original Temple was destroyed; wagons have been seen there lately; formerly a haven for bandits (Kayla); now home to Lareth 
The Original Temple Original temple of Elemental Evil, destroyed 25 years before by Heroditus, among others; it was constructed as a ruse and lie. Individual clerics, mostly human, were recruited to bring power and chaos for a great sacrifice; it was thought that Iuz and Zuggtmoy were being worshipped, but a greater evil was, in light of the Temple of All Consumption; the Viceroy of Furyondy came with an army and decimated the place; there were direct gates to the four elemental planes in the original temple (Todarch Nem);
Rastor Town located four days ride from Hommlet; frequented by adventurers, nearby is the Crater and an abandoned dwarven mine. The locals bear weapons with "peace-knots." Adventurers from Greyhawk are a common sight. An ambassador from  Iuz had been here recently.


Item: Things Entry
The Obelisk a statue - one side had a jet black figure with a cape and wavy sword; another had a green man in robes and a mask shaped like the one we found; the third has a red man in a doublet and strange gauntlets and a hood; the forth is an indigo man with a robe with a sigilled sash, cowl and scepter; found at the Moathouse outside Hommlet; believed to have been taken to the Temple of All Consumption near Rastor (Bob); the images are of the leaders in the Obex (Todarch Nem); 
Greater Obelisk located somewhere hear the end of your journey, must be penetrated and the objects within rearranged or destroyed to prevent this evil (Todarch Nem); could be the giant Obelisk at the Moathouse, which is inhabited by a powerful, unseen force
Watsbane an evil sword, that sucks life from victims; given to Terjohn in payment for curing Ulfgar.
Ochre Robe originally affiliated with the elder temple, affiliated with something else now (Todarch Nem)
Obex  name used for both symbol and members of the ruling tier of the new Temple (Todarch Nem)


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