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UnclFes4: Gentlemen!
Sdahms69: Evening
BDC DM: howdy be right back
UnclFes4: How are things, skip?
Sdahms69: Is he testing us to see if we trash him while he is gone
Sdahms69: Everything is going alright. Yourself?
UnclFes4: Probably, but we know he can read the whole thing - and of course, we would never ever do such a thing to our beloved DM, right? RIGHT???
UnclFes4: Things here are good
Sdahms69: I responded briefly to your e-mail and I'll talk more about it with you later.
UnclFes4: OK, I got some fresh info regarding the same subject from this afternoon, I'll send it along
Sdahms69: Did Marla go to bed praying for school closing tomorrow?
UnclFes4: She's on Sprign Break!
Sdahms69: Oh.
UnclFes4: She'll be home with Mathias all day; I have to catch a plane Wed. morning early, so I hope we don;t get it too bad
Sdahms69: Where too?
UnclFes4: North Carolina, of all places. Corporate HQ, two days of fun and meetings :-(
Sdahms69: HOO
UnclFes4: Did you see my post to the discussion board?
Sdahms69: Yes, I responded to one and was trying to come up with something to add to the ass kickin one.
UnclFes4: Both Mack and Doug said TODAY that they wre worried about travelling to Rastor and taking another stab at the mines.
UnclFes4: Can't say I blame them, either - we need more firepower, more hit points, more levels, more gumption
BDC DM: back in / been talking to a guy with a reef tank in California
UnclFes4: You're buying another tank?? Goodly lord, it's going to be Seaworld at your house
Sdahms69: Speaking as a higher level member I am ready to move on to Rastor and not exactly hit the mine but possibly the orc tribe which will allow a couple of other key fighter types to go up a critical level.
BDC DM: no just getting some pointers
UnclFes4: That's not a bad idea; I think, however, we should still play a little smarter
Sdahms69: In what regard
UnclFes4: Just the things I mention in the post, primarily; working as a team, rather than a collection of individuals; maximizing capabilities while minimizing stupid stuff
BDC DM: good luck
Sdahms69: Alot of this can be addressed simply enough, we write out a standard march order/ watch order and follow it. Once we give it to Bob this is what the order is unless dictated otherwise.
UnclFes4: That's a good start
Sdahms69: To save on the debate about it we can go off of your handout from before and just initiate it. Or is this considered working individually?
UnclFes4: Well, the handout was written primarily from a combat standpoint, and for a different party makeup, but the underlying concepts are good still; it's more than that, though
UnclFes4: Bob = Quietest DM Ever. Anything comments, boss?
Sdahms69: But we can start there and that will be the foundation. We have to adjust leadership?
BDC DM: do u think some fo the reason people go off on their own, is that it is sometimes difficult to ge too play? party too big or not enough responsibility for each member?
UnclFes4: Personally, I think people go off on their own because they don't know what to do next
BDC DM: well u have to assign responsability and then give someone authority to back it up
Sdahms69: Not everyone wants added responsibility, think some problems arise in not being comfortable with a character. Playing him/her using all of their talents.
UnclFes4: A leadership adjustment may be forced on us, with Usoab's delicate condition coming to a head; but Skip's right, it might be not knowing capabilities and therefore not being able to maximize them
Sdahms69: More of a militaristic style leadership structure
BDC DM: experience is definately the problem.
UnclFes4: I don't think it';s necessarily assinging responsibility, either, to say, OK, you are a rogue, so after every battle I want you to search the enemy bodies and, when done, start scoping for secret doors...?
BDC DM: u know back in college we had similar problem
Sdahms69: Bob, are we better off waiting till all 3 fighter types are of 6th level before entering the mine again or is it a mute point?
BDC DM: thinking....
UnclFes4: be careful there Bob you want to watch out when trying new things at your age :-D
BDC DM: back to your problem / lvls / invite Doug in
Sdahms69: No but as a rogue you should be out reconning be it info or merch all the time. It is in your blood.
UnclFes4: He upline? I'll fetch him...
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CyclePrch: Gentlemen!
BDC DM: as I was saying your average level is fine / your use of those abilities?
Sdahms69: Hello Doug
BDC DM: Hi Rev
CyclePrch: what's the topic for the night?
UnclFes4: Skittishness abotu going to Rastor - what we were talking about earlier this afternoon
CyclePrch: Sounds about right.
Sdahms69: Average level is deceiving, you have three fighters between 5-7 3 m-u between 4-6 and a cleric 4-5
UnclFes4: Bob says that our levels are adequate, but perhaps we are not using our current abilities to fullest
CyclePrch: From what we have been told Hennet is not in a real rush to get his butt whipped.
CyclePrch: Somebody help me out with that.
BDC DM: after the moat house what other option is there?
Sdahms69: Thought was to get all 3 fighters to 6th level to make use of the two attacks per round as well as getting another feat added.
UnclFes4: How close to that goal are we?
Sdahms69: How can we better equip/use the m-u's? / 1 is there and two are close.
Sdahms69: Instead of having archery as a distance weapon can the m-u cover this area with offensive spells?
CyclePrch: Before last get-together Hennet was only half-way to 5th level. That makes me real nervous about being below average.
UnclFes4: My bad was that I hung around too long in CL levels, didn't concertrate soon enough on mage levels, that hurts the party; no Jadae and Hecubus have spell abilities, and Ulfgar and Hennet hav cleric abilities, but no real big guns
UnclFes4: Like MMs and color sprays? Probably, but there is a friendly fire problem with the sprays
Sdahms69: Not if the fighter types are high enough level, plus our saves are pretty decent.
BDC DM: the issue as I see it is that the great equalizers are magic items / but those who have the magic items u want are usually not willing to give them to u.
UnclFes4: They're pretty short range, too. I've been looking into better spell lists, but having only 2nd level mage spells is a drawback
BDC DM: so r u a 3rd lvl mu?
UnclFes4: yes
CyclePrch: Remember the party still has that cache of "stuff". There are some big guns in that pile.
BDC DM: Jade / new guy r also 3rd?
UnclFes4: dunno
BDC DM: Jade maybe 4th
UnclFes4: Well, she should stop wading into melee with tha fool club and start casting something once in a while
BDC DM: but are sorcerers and as such limited what spells they can get
CyclePrch: At 6th level Hennet will have this nifty spell that works like Burning Hands. Only half of the damage is divine damage, which means that it busts right through all fire protection. I can also have it avoid party members so they
CyclePrch: take no damage at all.
UnclFes4: How close are you to passing level?
BDC DM: I would try to get Moneypenny and the paladin to take the heaviest armor, so they can act as tanks. While the rest of the party supports them.
CyclePrch: He has to get that far though. Additionally I was planning to take on the Sunder feat at that level to take advantage of that sword that he truly knows nothing about.
CyclePrch: Getting close to 5th.
Sdahms69: Thought the sword was going to Moneypenny
UnclFes4: Fine with me, but does he have the Feat to use it properly??
CyclePrch: It needs to go to the person that can use it the quickest. Hennet will still go for the Sunder feat.
Sdahms69: Have to ask and if not he can always get it at 6th level
BDC DM: what items are left on the sidelines?
BDC DM: who is the strongest on the party?
UnclFes4: Not much, some +1 weapons, set of studded leather, and that sword.
CyclePrch: There is the +1 mace, the sword, and the leather armor.......????
BDC DM: most hit points?
UnclFes4: 43 for me
Sdahms69: We could always break into the temple and reclaim a sword that was turned in a while back
Sdahms69: hp = 57
CyclePrch: Keep Hennet away from that idea.
Sdahms69: We need him to let us in.
CyclePrch: Hennet = 31 17 strength
CyclePrch: 31 HP's that is
UnclFes4: I think probably Ulfgar, as the oldest surviving original party member, is hit point champ
BDC DM: ok / but he is still not that monster magnet u need in a dungeon
Sdahms69: d10 for a fighter so Cecil and Moneypenny should be close to or higher.
UnclFes4: Dunno about strength, could be anyone. If it's monster magnets we need, it begins and ends with Cecil
BDC DM: lower lvl than u
Sdahms69: No the monster magnet has to be split three ways currently.
UnclFes4: We keep selling all that full plate armor, too...
BDC DM: u need a plug in confined space so the rest of the party with arrows / magic missiles can shoot with abandon
CyclePrch: Hennet is a 1st level fighter, if it does him any good. It will really slow him down though.
UnclFes4: Does Cecil have plate?
BDC DM: splint
CyclePrch: pretty sure, yes
Sdahms69: I've finally been able to add to my ac which is my achilles heel. But I'm not a slice and dice machine unfortunately.
UnclFes4: he and Moneypenny should both have it, I think;
CyclePrch: Cecil has splint mail?
BDC DM: they both have splint
UnclFes4: Usoab too, should he survive
CyclePrch: Give them the plate for sure. =-O
BDC DM: that's the old rule
UnclFes4: And, with time and money, I can up the plusses on magic weapons, as well as scribe/mix potions/enchant arrows
CyclePrch: "Sometimes the old ways are the best ways" the wicked witch from "The 10th Kingdom".
BDC DM: that's what we all need time and money!!!
Sdahms69: What's the cost on upping the weapons/armor
UnclFes4: Depends; arrows are relatively cheap, I can do five in a day; upping my mace from +1 to +2 is along the lines of 6000 gp/couple weeks
UnclFes4: I'll get more info
CyclePrch: How many times can a weapon be "upped"?
Sdahms69: Is that retail or wholesale?
BDC DM: I'll ask again, what options do u have after the moathouse?
UnclFes4: Many as you want/everthing's always retail this close to the Temple :-)
Sdahms69: Rastor and the area around it. Mine - Orc tribe
CyclePrch: Other than going back to Hommlet in order to consult with Terjon about Usoab, I see we have no other option.
UnclFes4: Options? Well, we could sit on our duffs at the Wench talking about the good old days, but I hav a feeling that the Temple-ites are going to be busy bring back their all-consumption god in the meantime
BDC DM: well Luke its your destiny!!!
CyclePrch: Before I leave and hit the sack. Has the issue of internet access at Bob's been addressed?
UnclFes4: I don't know that Don has that much time - he seems to be getting worse - and we're still in danger, since the moathouse apparently stil;l has some life to it.
Sdahms69: How about Verbobon and Ing Sorbell? Or will we run into him going through the temple if we get there.
BDC DM: screaming kids got to go
CyclePrch: ????
UnclFes4: Heavy Mace +1 -> +2 = 6000 gp + 6 days work + 240 xp
UnclFes4: I don't know, but that's not a bad idea
UnclFes4: Verbobonc, I meant
Sdahms69: How about a cloak or armor is it just as costly
UnclFes4: Wand of Cure Light, 50 charges: 750 x 1 x 6 = 4500 gp
UnclFes4: Don't have any numbers, but my bet would be yes, just as costly - but doable
UnclFes4: Meaning, if we can get some cash, we can get better outfitted
Sdahms69: What cash we have found has gone to the church to pay for the heals
UnclFes4: I know :-(
UnclFes4: Ing Sorbell's a definite option; certainly an opportunity to gather some strength prior to Rastor.
Sdahms69: Go to Verbobonc and get cash?
CyclePrch: Well guys, I'm off. Remember that I will not be able to be physically present on April 5th. That leaves a big hole in the party if he is absent for the entire evening.
Sdahms69: O.K. Have a good one , Doug
UnclFes4: See ya
BDC DM: chow
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Sdahms69: Kids quiet
BDC DM: Em had a bad dream
UnclFes4: :-(
UnclFes4: She OK?
BDC DM: fine
Sdahms69: Dad to the rescue.
BDC DM: ha
Sdahms69: Bob we were kicking around the idea of going to Verbobonc before Rastor, thoughts?
UnclFes4: Skip, I'll check out costs on armor upgrades and cloaks, etc
BDC DM: well I tink u guys have some good ideas. trying to put them in motion?
UnclFes4: trying. I think people will realize that organization and preparation will help overall.
UnclFes4: It doesn't have to be orders from on high
BDC DM: Skip / lets compare / what do u rin into at the mines / Verbobonc
Sdahms69: No create a base structure and develope from that.
UnclFes4: What do you mean?
BDC DM: Think.... what's in the begining of the mine?
BDC DM: What do u know about Ing?
Sdahms69: At the mines I figure it will tie in Ing Sorbell and others eventually. But do we gain any other knowledge by going to Verbobonc first. / First in the mine was the 60 year old mural
BDC DM: think inhabitants!!!
UnclFes4: A howler, an Ogre with goggles, and an assload of gnolls...? Versus a rich merchant we know is the leader of the Fire Temple
BDC DM: ok
UnclFes4: OK?
UnclFes4: Wait - if Ing is a definite lead, and a possible source for cash, he looks like a fat target
BDC DM: yeah ok / howler pretty tough but an ep builder / a guy who can summon?
Sdahms69: So Belsornig has vanished for the length of time with the destruction of the last temple. And he as Ing Sorbell has been recreating a temple through the mines.
UnclFes4: They're not necessarily connected, Ing was based in Verbobonc...?
Sdahms69: Ing Sorbell is recruiting and stocking his own base - the mine
UnclFes4: remember, the temples compete, not cooperate
BDC DM: I obviously cannot get too specific...but think it through...
Sdahms69: There still has to be one to rule.
UnclFes4: The Obex; but Ing's not one of them
Sdahms69: Ing isn't but Belsornig is
UnclFes4: Perhaps we clerics should get together and ask our dieties a few pointed question with Auguries...?
BDC DM: Priest's with highier standing would probably get better answers.
Sdahms69: You and Hennet go ahead.
UnclFes4: Gotta go back through the notes; but Lareth dismisses Ing as a putz, ignores him...? I don't think he in the Obex, I think he's head of the fire temple
Sdahms69: What is the first temple earth, water, air, or fire
UnclFes4: A priority: captive we can interrogate; not sure if there is a hierarchy to the elemental temples
BDC DM: The original temple was dedicated to all the elements with a highier temple
UnclFes4: What are we missing?? Something's missing.
BDC DM: such as?
Sdahms69: Where are we now at the moathouse? The voice we heard was that the higher power.
UnclFes4: Can't tell. We're not putting the info we have together right.
UnclFes4: I'll work on it
Sdahms69: Is Ing Sorbell with the fire temple? He has fire related symbols but he or someone tailed us with a greater air elemental.
UnclFes4: So maybe they're both in Verbobonc...?
UnclFes4: With all that fire reerences on Ing's stuff, that's quite a ruse
BDC DM: 20 years ago Belsoring was head of the water temple..(your characters have increased how many lvls months, year?
UnclFes4: Water temple! Doh
Sdahms69: If he is head of the water temple then he is not the big dog.
UnclFes4: We've gotten a lot of information lately - I'm going to go back and see if I can't reorganize it, come up with some connection we might have missed
BDC DM: He was head of the water temple.......20 years ago
UnclFes4: Can they switch??
Sdahms69: So he converted?
UnclFes4: No way - any cleric that switches not only loses their powers but the y get to spend the rest of their days taking grief from their old diety
BDC DM: ok / city council / county board / state / national
UnclFes4: So there is a hieratchy
Sdahms69: Going up in ranks?
UnclFes4: Could be
BDC DM: The old temple was dedicated to the elements = basis / but above that was a greater temple
UnclFes4: And we know the elemental temples compete and/or occasionally fight.
BDC DM: that sage told u that
UnclFes4: right
BDC DM: on both accounts
Sdahms69: If there is a hierarchy then say Earth is first, Water second, Air third, and Fire fourth but each section feels they are important.
UnclFes4: So if he was a water cleric before, he either still a water cleric, on a member of the obex
UnclFes4: And with 20 years of experience... he's moved up! Hey, move over Sherlock Holmes!
BDC DM: none were created to be more powerful than the other, but just like the baby bells some had better management
UnclFes4: And Ing has been successful, at least commercially - so we can probably assume clerically as well.
Sdahms69: Deacon to Priest to Bishop to Cardinal to Pope all with in the same church just different stages of power/responsibility
UnclFes4: right! Now he's a member of the high tier
UnclFes4: Which means, maybe, we don't want to go near him just yet? But we do want to gather as much info about him as we can?
BDC DM: reasonable to assume / but aren't there groups within every church? Jesuits / Fransician / Templar / Hospitaliar?
UnclFes4: Sure... so?
Sdahms69: So don't relate to individuals, think of masses
BDC DM: or different schools of thought / with one overall thought or creed
UnclFes4: So, we have four elemental temples, rules by a group called the obex, and within the temples themselves are factions...? This is a job for the CIA
BDC DM: big big big module...
UnclFes4: ugga-wugga. Guys, it's late. Want to call it, get together later this week?
BDC DM: g-nite
Sdahms69: Is our prty level for this point in the module where it should be?
UnclFes4: OK, I'll stay for this question...
BDC DM: honestly u r lagging behind, but not that far...losing Penumbra hurt
Sdahms69: O.K. goodnight
UnclFes4: in more ways than one; OK, I'm saving this chat log and posting it tomorrow. Goodnight, gentlemen.
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