You have just entered room "Sdahms69 Chat40."
CyclePrch: I'm here:-P
UnclFes4: Gents...
Sdahms69: Evening gentlemen
UnclFes4: How's it going?
CyclePrch: What's up? Les, did you and Bob talk any more about Usoab?
Sdahms69: Going good so far , I need to catch up with the class on Usoab.
UnclFes4: Not really, he bolted right after you did, I don't think he was feeling good. Doug, you want to brief Skip?
CyclePrch: I'll do my best sir.
Sdahms69: I realize he is becoming less intelligent, but do we know why? and what can be done.
CyclePrch: We spoke to Bob about all the different ideas the group has had about Usoab's condition. We have settled on two things. They are...
CyclePrch: 1. Usoab has been struck with some kind of disease that a Trog cleric could cause. -- or -- 2. Usoab has been affected by magic that diminishes intelligence.
Sdahms69: So the previous remove curse had no effect.
CyclePrch: Therefore we have one, two, or both courses of action. -- That is correct---
CyclePrch: When I say courses of action I mean "best guess" courses of action.
Sdahms69: Does our mu have any ideas or even Terjon
CyclePrch: First, yet not most important, is to cast Cure Disease on the wretch. Cecil is the only one that can do this.
Sdahms69: Is it a disease or are we going to need like a limited wish or something
CyclePrch: At the moment Terjon is right out of the picture. 4 of us are underneath a huge rock under a waterfall pursued by an evil fruit vendor.
UnclFes4: It's too late for that; because we thought the remove curse took care of whatever ailed him, the condition has proceeded to the point where Don said that he will die "early next session." And we're at the moathouse.
Sdahms69: Do we know where we are. Are we below the moathouse or in another place entirely.
CyclePrch: Cure Disease, if it is a disease, should do the trick.
CyclePrch: See above. We are so far beneath the obolisk that the waterfall disapates into a mist.
CyclePrch: The second option, yet not any less important, is to first cast Dispel Magic on him and then Lesser Restoration. The DM should negate the magic and the LR should restore some semblance of his intelligence.
Sdahms69: So we have our leader up above growing less intelligent by the minute along with a new mu pc and Cecil. Looks like Usoab is SOL
UnclFes4: In general, that's the consensus. But we feel it is only right to try and save him if we can.
Sdahms69: How can we save him if we don't know where we are.
CyclePrch: The problem now becomes how to get up there to do our voodoo.
CyclePrch: Money Penny has a potion of levitation which he could give to Hennet who has DM and LR ready for casting.
UnclFes4: Right now, we have a couple options: one, I have a Message spell, with which I can contact Cecil and put him to work cure disease-ing Usoab; second, Moneypenny has a potion of levitation, which Hennet can use to get to the top quick
CyclePrch: Teledesic has a Message spell that he could use to tell Cecil to cast Cure Disease on Usoab.
Sdahms69: Does Moneypenny have another one because we used one to get the rope through the pulley.
CyclePrch: Mac said yes.
Sdahms69: Can you use your message spell to inform Usoab to jump in and eat the fruit
CyclePrch: Bob appeared impressed with our assesment and plan. Of course he gave no indication that either one would work.
CyclePrch: Too chaotic of an idea.
UnclFes4: We discussed trying to get Usoab to jump in and eat, but we have no idea that he would hit the right combination so as not to kill himself or if the power would stop the disease or just postpone it. And, he's not acting rational
CyclePrch: Bob did say, hint, that we would need as much muscle as possible from this point on in the campaign.
UnclFes4: Since we're going to Rastor soon, I'm not sure that was such a secret
Sdahms69: Muscle? We have as much of that as we do Clerics.
UnclFes4: ...but not as much as we used to, I think was Bob's point when he said it; the party dynamic is changing
CyclePrch: I just say what I hear. Anyway, Usoab cannot be trusted to follow the simplest of instructions.
Sdahms69: Moneypenny, Cecil and Ulfgar as fighters one illusionist and two mu's and Hennet as the Cleric
UnclFes4: So what does Don roll up if/when Usoab dies?
CyclePrch: More like "when".
Sdahms69: One big bad MF
UnclFes4: Half/orc paladin!
Sdahms69: What the hell.
CyclePrch: Again, Bob hinted at a Rogue.
Sdahms69: A rogue isn't muscle
UnclFes4: First, hecubus is a multiclass rogue/mu; second, we might have some success proposing to jade that she take a level or two of rogue before her XP costs get too high...?
CyclePrch: Would a Rogue in full plate be able to hide in shadows and walk silently? :-\
Sdahms69: What should our average level be to go on?
UnclFes4: go on where? to Rastor? as high as possible; which is another reason to try and save Usoab if we can. since we will lost according to Bob two levels of fighting skill when he dies
UnclFes4: because the new character will be two levels lower than Usoab is now, that's why
Sdahms69: Who is the highest level right now. I just reached 7th.
UnclFes4: I have 6 total levels, 3/3 cl and mu
CyclePrch: 7th!!!!!!!!! You are one bad ass mo fo!!! Hennet is only 4th, 3rd lvl cleric.
UnclFes4: Usoab is probably 5, maybe 6th
UnclFes4: 6th, since Bob seems to be starting new recruits at 4
Sdahms69: Cecil and moneypenny are both close to 6th then also
UnclFes4: Maybe 5th, they started after me
CyclePrch: 4th does seem to be the magic number. The party really needs to reduce the risk of death.
Sdahms69: In regards to the rogue issue any way to talk to Jade about taking on a couple of levels.
UnclFes4: Bob mentioned that the more people we lose, the lower the average level goes
Sdahms69: Everyone was about 4th or 5th level the last time we went into the mines in Rastor. We aren't much better now.
UnclFes4: We got nowhere else to go
UnclFes4: Which means we gotta be double-smart next time
CyclePrch: amen to that
Sdahms69: I know. We aren't strong enough to just roll through it and we can't do small raids and leave and keep coming back.
UnclFes4: What's the alterantive? Kill Hommletians until we pass levels sufficient to fight in Rastor?
Sdahms69: We ned to get Cecil and Moneypenny to 6th level before we go into the mines. This way all three main fighters will get two attacks per round.
UnclFes4: any idea how close they are?
CyclePrch: I did suggest to Mac that the party looks again at the booty in the stash. Hennet woud not know this but...... The long sword that Alidon was using is a real gem. The party would benefit if Hennet could use it.
Sdahms69: No, but they can't be far.
UnclFes4: Can Hennet wield the thing? It keys on Sunder feat
UnclFes4: Who has that feat in the party??
Sdahms69: Not I, but the weapon is to big for me anyway.
UnclFes4: Unless you have Sunder, it's just a +1 weapon
CyclePrch: Sunder feat only "ignites" its biggest property. It is a +1 to hit and seemed to, at times, communicate with Alidon. The time Alidon took out both those nasties in Nulb.
UnclFes4: It has other properties??
Sdahms69: Check with Moneypenny, plus if they go to 6th level then they pick out a new feat
CyclePrch: When we Identified it in Hommlet we learned about the Sunder key and the +1. But Bob said we got the real impression that there was more to it.
UnclFes4: It might make a nice tool for our bulldoze- sorry, our paladin
CyclePrch: Bottom line for that particular weapon is, Penumbra is gone and it sits back in the pile.
UnclFes4: I don't remember that identify; if we live through this, remind me to do that on it again before we head for rastor
Sdahms69: Speaking of Penumbra did we pull anything from him before we buried/burnt him?
UnclFes4: Everything, it's all on the party log booty list
CyclePrch: I'm pretty sure that it also needs a fighter to wield it. Penumbra could not use it for some reason. Not sure if it was his class, his alignment, or what. That's why he and Alidon made their bargain.
Sdahms69: Anything there that can help us now
UnclFes4: Studded leather +1, man sized, +1 composite short bow, morningstar +1, that's about it.
Sdahms69: Hennet can use the morning star, can't he?
CyclePrch: yes, that's probably better then his cudgel.
CyclePrch: Going against undead any magic weapon should at least be in our traveling arsenal.
UnclFes4: It's very cudgel-like, I'm sure ol' Cuthie won't mind
CyclePrch: Hennet and Cuthie are on a first-name basis. O:-)
Sdahms69: no comment
UnclFes4: That explains the muttering
UnclFes4: Dou's got a good point though - we should make sure that we are all very well equipped before we head to Rastor
CyclePrch: How true. Anyway, I, as doug, urge you not to forget about that sword. Hennet would not know any of what I told you and neither would most of the party.
UnclFes4: fyi: I have Craft Arms and Armor feat now; one cool thing about it? You can add pluses to already enchanted weapons
Sdahms69: We need to go through all of the booty and make sure that everyone is equipped with what they can use to best help the party.
UnclFes4: Plus all the potions, scroll, +1 arrows (I can make five in a day), what have you that we can carry
CyclePrch: Alidon and Penumbra kind-of had this agreement. Alidon would eventually own the sword after so many "favors". So what Alidon experienced with the sword truly went with him to the grave.
Sdahms69: Instead of going into the mines what if we raided the orc camps to the northwest, I think, and use that to help pick up some needed ep's.
UnclFes4: Which is to say, we need cash and time to prepare for our trip north; would Alidon and Penumbra have mentioned their suspicions about the sword to Teledesic, since he'd be the one doing the ID on it? Orc camps might be worthwhile
Sdahms69: I've got the small extra dimensional space. The Quiver of Allonah
UnclFes4: ??
UnclFes4: You talking about selling it?
Sdahms69: A quiver that can hold a but load of arrows but I use it to carry my potions and gold in. Plus extra swords if found and the such.
CyclePrch: No way. Being chaotic Alidon kept it pretty private. In fact, the sword was identified by the town's mu(I think).
CyclePrch: That much I remember because it cost me bucks to have it done.
UnclFes4: Huh; well then.
Sdahms69: I've already had a dozen potions and couple hundred gold in the quiver along with a short sword. So if you can make them I can carry them.
CyclePrch: That's not to say that the party could do that again. To make sure they know what they've got. But it took two Identifies to find out what I had to start with and I ran out of money. The plan was to ID it again after getting
CyclePrch: Sunder feat
UnclFes4: Would teledesic even suspect it had powers?
Sdahms69: If not
Sdahms69: Ulfgar would know it was magical from previous with Penumbra.
CyclePrch: My suspicions are that he would only know something was up if he witnessed what happened to the ghost in Nulb.
UnclFes4: Good idea, skip. I'd still need cash, however, to make stuff; Penumbra had some dough, about a K of gp, but would need more to building anything more substantial than a bag full of cure light potions; I do have a cure light wand
CyclePrch: Alidon was alone against the beasty upstairs, remember. One swipe is all it took.
UnclFes4: Does Moneypenny have Sunder?
CyclePrch: don't know. I gotta go guys. Getting late and I need to check something out for a funeral tomorrow. Save this discussion for the web. These talks are great.
CyclePrch: On the morrow then. C'ya
UnclFes4: saved and logged, I'll upload it tomorrow.