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Party Members

Garret Underbough
Hobbit "Collector"
Kerith of Blackmoor
Human Warpriest
Valanthe Amastacia
Elven Warrior Maiden
Will Tempest
Elven Treepriest
Current Composition: 1 Fighter, 1 Cleric, 1 Rogue, 1 Druid

Party Log

8-22-02: PROLOGUE

The Wheel turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called the Fourth Age by some, the Fourth Friday by others, an Age yet to come, an Age long past, a wind rose in the Duchy of Tenh. The wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was A beginning.

Four young adventurers made there way to Sumerset, near the foot of the Griff Mountains. They sat at a table in the Prancing Colt. Each had wandered here seperately, but the common quest for adventure had drawn them together here. Well met, they decided to band together knowing that the strength of the group was far greater than their strength individually. The four were as unlike each other as they were the other patrons that day.

There was Garret Underbough. A halfling of good intent (if defined by himself), with a nimblness that was beyond belief. Standing just under three feet tall it was likely that you would mistake him for a young child unless you looked him straight in the eyes. Garret uses his 'lack of noteriety' and his quickness to his advantage and has become a succesful Collector.

Beside him sat, Kerith of Blackmoor. With a white fist holding a lightning bolt emblazened on his shield there was little doubt where Kerith's alligence lied, and the blade at his belt signifies to all that he is ready to be both judge and jury for his beliefs.

Across from Kerith sat Valanthe Amastacia. A female elf whose beauty, grace and charm surpassed only Wiggy's. Valanthe attributed her 'aire of danger' to the cause of the lack of suitors and not her appearence. Armed with longsword and bow there was some truth to her belief. She managed to look at ease and ready to leap into action at any moment at the same time. She also would have been the most cause for notice in the inn if not for the person sitting next to her.

Elves are uncommon in the Duchy of Tenh but on occasion one would hear of one with reported arcane power or armed with a bow and a knowledgeable look that had passed thru Catbut and on occasion Sumerset. But there before them sat an elf that was neither Wizard nor Man-of-Arms. Armed with a quarterstaff and wearing hides tanned in hues of green and brown, they recognized (or at least thought they did) him as a druid. Yes, Tenh had forests within its boundaries but they lied many days travel to the south and to the west. Will Tempest was surely the oddest thing ever seen in Sumerset within living memory.

The Captured Unicorn

Sitting at the inn, our brave band of adventurers waited for The HOOK (that little bit of plot that the DM hands to you to get you started). Suddenly, a man burst into the tavern. He was out of breath and looked as though he had been running for some time. He paused just inside the door to catch his breath then darted to the bar and ordered a pint. Downing the draft in one quick motion he turned to the common room and said, "They've taken Alabern!" Now everyone and anyone in Sumerset knew that Alabern was a friendly unicorn that lived not far from Sumerset. She was known to lead lost travelers back to the road and heal people of kind hearts that came to her for help. But being new here the party had to ask, "Who's Alabern?" The unexpected question made the man take notice of the table for the first time. Surprise, followed quickly by a thought, could be read on the man's face. "You four look like Adventurers. You're just what we need!", said the man. Taking a seat from a nearby table and setting himself at their table he introduced himself as Trapper John. He certainly looked the part wearing animal pelts from top to bottom. Ignoring the fact that he himself wore hide armor, Will looked upon Trapper John with open contempt.

Trapper John did not notice the druid's reaction and proceeded to relay The HOOK to the party. "I was out collecting my traps when I saw a group of evil goblins surround Alabern and cast a spell upon her! She collapsed to the ground like rabbit hit with a sling. I followed the vile creatures to see what they were up to. I saw them take her into a cave and then I high tailed it here to get help. I can lead you to them if you're willing to help.", he said. Valanthe was unsure until the rest of the party explained to her that this is how The HOOK worked. Will turned to Trapper John and said, "Lead on and we will rescue this unicorn."

The journey to the cave entrance was four hours of uneventful travel. Trapper John stopped at the edge of the tree line, 40' away from the cave entrance and told the party that this is where the evil goblins went. "You're own your own from here, but the blessings of evryone in Sumerset go with you.", said John. Then he quickly backed into the woods and left. Will, wanting to get a better look at the cave entranced, walked 10' into the clearing before realizing his mistake and taking cover back among the trees. The blessing from Trapper John reminded Kerick of something and he quickly placed a Blessing upon the party that would hopefully last the entire encounter.

With any chance of surprise lost if a guard was posted the decided that the first course of action would be to charge the cave entrance. Everyone charged the entrance, except Kerith who had decided to take this time to light his lantern. The three that had charged headlong into the cave stopped just 10' inside and noticed that it was quite difficult to see. However, with the ambiant light of late afternoon outside, their low-light vision was able to discern a crude wall with a door 30' from the cave entrance. Next, Kerith entered the cave.

Garret (suprisingly enough) made an Intelligence check and noticed that the door was crudely made. He realized, that if there was a light source on the other side of the door, light would be seen from this side. He made a spot check but failed due to the light from Kerith's lantern. Suddenly an epiphany struck Garret. If light from the other side could be seen on this side, then light from this side could be seen from the other! He darted over to where Kerith stood and whispered to him that he put out the light. Kerith, realizing the danger but not wanting to go without a light source, quickly shuttered the lantern into a tight beam which he pointed AWAY from the door. Garret approached the door first and could hear more than one voice on the other side. After checking for traps he attempted to pick the lock. With some confidence that he had managed to unlock the door Garret stepped aside to allow the others to charge inside.

Will threw open the door and rushed inside, immediately finding himself confronted by three goblins. Valanthe was right behind Will and quickly gave support. Kerith also planned to charge into the room but first took the opportunity to put down the lantern and ready his shield. By the time that Kerith arrived the rest of the party had killed all four of the goblins (there had been one hiding behind the door). He found Will in need of Healing so he quickly went to give aid, pausing first, of course, to put his shield away.

Found in this room, after the battle, was a sleeping unicorn and a door. Valanthe and Will went to free and give aid to the unicorn while Garret and Kerith went to search beyond the door. But first, you guessed it, Kerith readied his shield. Will woke the unicorn easily and the unicorn touched him as way of thanks. Will felt refreshed. Next, Will and Valanthe led the unicorn outside and told her she was free.

Meanwhile, Garret and Kerith had found four pallets for sleeping, a small mound of rancid food, and a chest. Garret checked for traps and found one when a dart struck him in the hand. Looking down he noticed that the tip of the dart had been coated him some sort of liquid. Knowing the inate healing abilities of unicorns he meant to have Alabern save him. Unfortunately he did not think of this until AFTER rifling through the chest and THEN searching the two rooms for secret doors. By that time Alabern had left.

This was the end of Adventure #1: Rescue the Unicorn, but our stalwart party insisited on knowing who was behind this plot to kidnap the unicorn. They decided to stay here until the person responsible for such an evil act returned. So I (the DM) asked them how many rations they had. It tunred out that Garret was the only one who had the foresight to purchase rations but he had only purchased three. Not to be detered they divided the rations among Garret, Valanthe, and Will, and Kerith ate the rancid food left by the goblins. Kerith almost became ill but made his Fortitude save. The next day they were out of rations and I was sure that they would go back to Sumerset. Not so, the resourceful little druid found that he could make enough Goodberrys each day so that they could stay indefinitely. There was nothing left to do but create a mastermind to the kidnapping.

I quickly created an NPC of minimal detail (he was only going to be around for 15 minutes) and at the end of day two he approached the cave. Garret had been hiding in the shadows of the cave and the man carrying a torch passed him by without notice. Kerith (with shield ready), Will and Valanthe all waited inside the first room. The man knocked at the door and shouted, "Open the door!", in goblin. Garret drew back his bow and fired a sneak attack at the man, stricking the door a viscous blow. The man dropped his torch, spun on his heels and two streaks of light burst forth from his pointing finger slamming into Garret with unerring accuracy. Will threw open the door (notice that the druid does a lot of the door opening) and the battle ensued. Now at this time the party is just supposed to kill this guy so that we can move on to the next adventure. I made this guy up in about five minutes while still talking to the group about what they were going to do to ambush whoever came. I made him tough enough to put up a fair fight but no biggy. So what happens? They knock him to excatly zero hit points. Well I figure, if a PC can simply go unconscious, why not an NPC? So he doesn't die, he's knocked out. That proved to be a BIG mistake.

Being relatively "good" people, the members of the party do not wish to kill an innocent man. They decide to bind the man, bring him to consciousness, and have him confess. So they tie him up and feed him a single Goodberry (he's at 1 HP).

Will begins to question him, "What are you doing here?"

To which the man replies, "What are YOU doing here?"

Valanthe, wanting to help, answers, "We are waiting here to kill the person working with the goblins!"

Will tries again saying, "Who are you and why are you here?"

The man answers, "My name is Therik of Blackmoor, and I am here to kill the goblins." (Notice the play on names, I had to think quick and Kerith's name was the first I saw.)

Valanthe proclaimed, "We know that you are evil and that you were working with the goblins because you spoke goblin!"

Therick asked, "How do you know it was goblin?"

To which Will replied, "Because I know goblin also." Afterwhich they decided to change tactics.

They tried for 40 minutes 'realtime' to prove that he was guilty. They even cast Detect Evil (to no avail). Finally, they stripped him of his goods, and threatened to kill him if they ever saw him again. Then they went back to Sumerset and asked if anyone had ever heard of Therick. No one had.

Trouble in the Dwarven Mines: 8/24/02 (just after midnight)

Not yet finished for the night the party asks if they can continue. Since Mrs. DM is not due to return tonight and I have nothing planned for tomorrow I agree. Once again the party finds themselves at a table in the Prancing Colt, when suddenly ... a dwarf burst into the tavern. He was out of breath and looked as though he had been running for some time. He paused just inside the door to catch his breath then darted to the bar and ordered a pint. Downing the draft in one quick motion he turned to the common room and said, "They've taken Durgal!" Now everyone and anyone in Sumerset knew that Durgal was one of the dwarven miners digging a new tunnel up in the mountains to the north. But being new here the party had to ask, "Who's Durgal?" The unexpected question made the man take notice of the table for the first time. Surprise, followed quickly by a thought, could be read on the dwarf's face. "You four look like Adventurers. You're just what we need!", said the dwarf. Taking a keg from behind the bar and setting himself at their table he introduced himself as Rurik and said that he was a miner. To which Garret said, "They don't allow minors in here.", then chuckled into his hands. Rurik looked at him with a confused stare and said, "I don't get it." And Will said, "Never mind him tell us more about Durgal."

Rurik explained to them that he and his crew were working on Tunnel 47A - Section 3, when they suddenly hit a hollow spot. Before they knew it two hobgoblins had crawled out of the hole and grabbed Durgal (he was unlucky enough to be closest to the hole). Rurik asked the party to help rescue Durgal, he was ready to offer them a reward for their troubles but they never asked so he never offered. Rurik lead the party up the mountains and into the tunnels finally arriving at the hole where Durgal had last been seen.

Kerith, shield ready, lead the way. They entered a large cavern, roughly 30'x30' with a door on the far south wall and a pile of trash to the north. Kerith and Garret went to investigate the trash while Valanthe and Will went to the door. Approaching the trash, four Dire Rats sprung forth and attacked Kerith, leaving him unconscious after the first round. The others regrouped and were able to dispatch the rats. Will revived Kerith through divine grace and the party continued.

The next room contained a table with four bowls of stew. four empty hammocks and a large full-length mirror. Kerith was able to discover a trap by setting it off, but he managed to avoid taking any damage by making a Reflex save. However, the resulting noise was enough to warn the four hobgoblins in the next room so that they were ready for the party when they entered, which they eventually did but the hobgoblins proved no match for our brave group of adventurers.

Searching this room they found three barrels and another door. The barrels contained, in order, treasure, Durgal, and nothing. Garret graciously offered to carry all of the wealth. Will examined Dugal's body and found that he was dead, and missing a hand. That's right, it was dwarf stew. The door lead to a secret door to the outside.

Having cleared the area of hobgoblins they told Rurick the said news about Durgal. Rurick went to claim the body for proper burial and Valanthe asked Rurik about the mirror. He said that he had never seen it before. She then asked if he new what it was used for. Rurik told her that he had once heard a tale that people often use them to look at themselves. Unphased by this the party tried fo another 15 minutes to discover another use for the mirror. In the end the mirror broke when Kerith tried to carry it back to Sumerset by himself.

They finally made it back to Sumerset and we called it quits for the night. It was 3:45 AM. Why did I agree to do this?

until next time...

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