First Annual BDC Banquet | Saturday, November 16, 2002  

Banquet Attendees

Back Row (from left): Steve Schindler, Bob Derousse, Leslie Bradley, Doug Kaufman, Les Hostetler, Marla Hostetler, Skip Dahms.

Middle Row: Scott Ganschienitz, Shellie Schindler, Mack Bradley, Sheila Munie, Heather Ganschienitz, Darlene Dahms.

Front Row: Ellen Derousse, Devin Bradley, Don Munie, Cass Kaufman 

More Pictures (courtesy of Doug)

Heather stages a pre-emptive air freshening in case of a repeat Scotch-drinking performance Order of popularity? 1. Darlene. 2. Skip's shirt. 3. Skip
Both the pod Munies and the real Munies attended.  Les "Claven" begins another boring tale; Marla considers ordering a Whisky-and-Benzedrine
Mack tries to explain to Leslie again that  this is actually really cool instead of really dorky "And when my friends found out my husband was the "Dungeon Master," I needed a drink this big..."
Eventually, even Les himself fell asleep, the awards presentation went on for so long Suddenly, for no apparent reason, the Devil Ball read "Give the award to Les or all of you will die."
Steve cracks himself up with the old "Is that a Bud Light or are you just happy to see me?" gag Devin changes deities to the God of Luck, begs for Paladin powers back, sandwich alignment yet remains an enigma
Skip suspects present might be from Doug, opens it VERY gingerly... By taking her time and using a few girls scout tricks, Cass was able to open the mini-fountain without waking Bob 
Mack is somewhat disconcerted by Cass' declaration that she'll "...get that book if I have to pry it from your cold, dead hands." So, Mack decides to forgo book and cold, dead hands for a super cool shower radio. Don wildly overcompensates for his disappointment at not getting the jar of mango salsa. Moments later, Don says to hell with the salsa! Moments later, Don opens gift #3 and considers acquiring new friends
It's "based on the screenplay!" Hey - mints! 
Finally, someone associated with BDC gets a magic item that works. This wonderful radio will make some sucker a niiiiice gift... bwahahahahahaha!
Magic 8-ball, will I get to keep you? "Try Again Later" And to think, I almost passed up coming to the Banquet to  watch "Black Knight" on HBO.  
"Wait a sec - made in NEW YORK CITY!? This ain't Pace!" It's only crab-SHAPED, Skip, not an actual crab, and no you can't have it. 
Moments later, Cass realized it was the cat and not Doug's beard that was touching her, freaked out, and smacked Bob in the head with the Dilbert book. Hard. Caption contest! Send in your caption here. Winner gets to find out what was written on the card!

Award Recipients

Best Quote: Don Munie, for Bob: "What armor?" Don: "Hide." Steve: "We wanted to know your armor, not what you do best." (11-29-01)

Best Death: Devin Bradley, for Cecil of Hieronymous (Player: Devin Bradley. After losing his paladin powers by lying about how much gold he had on him to a priest, Cecil finished his life by being knocked off a 30-foot wooden platform by Hennet of Highfolk, who was blindly retreating full speed in the wrong direction after being sprayed with green dragon acid.)

Shortest Live Character: Tim Partelow, in absentia, for The Hobgoblin Halberdier (Player: Tim Partlow. Eaten by a land-dragon in the Forbidden City, and no one noticed he was gone until his next watch came up. He never even had a name, as far as anyone knew. Lifespan: approximately 2 game nights.)

Most Entertaining Character: Steve Schindler, for Penumbra (Player: Steve Schindler. Though he managed to survive flaming death twice, Penumbra was still the worst rogue that anyone had ever seen. For Penumbra, every lock was impenetrable, every trap both invisible and poisoned, and every wall devoid of even the most rudimentary handholds. How he survived as long as he did was a BDC miracle.)

Most Hated Character: Don Munie, for Cromwell Tealeaf (Player: Don Munie. Cromwell was a halfling druid of minimal skill and negligible courage at best. In the Sunless Citadel, upon confronting the evil druid and his henchmen in the bowels of the place, Cromwell turned and ran, leaving his party to their fates... which as it turned out, were better than Cromwell's. Lacking rogue skills, Cromwell's headlong retreat stopped at a locked door and, unable to escape, Cromwell was killed and eaten by goblins, much to the enjoyment of his former comrades.

Longest Time Taken To Finish a 3-Room Adventure: The 4th Friday Gang. (for taking 5 hours to finish off what was just supposed to be 4 goblins. They did this by insisting that there must be some higher purpose to the mini adventure and refusing to call it quits until Don (the DM) created an NPC mastermind that they could slay for the act. Unfortunately they failed to kill him outright and spent another hour trying to decide what to do about him.)

Most Disastrous Use/Misuse of Magic: Don Munie, for "the Dragon Incident."

Best Screwing Over By Skip's Character: Skip Dahms, accepting for The entire Mongrelman population of the Forbidden City (NPCs. Skip's character, after living with them for weeks, abandoned the entire Mongrelman population - entire, that is, after having been used for guard duty, driven into a land-dragon infested swamp and, in at least one notable case, thrown bodily at a snakeman sorceror - to their deaths at the hands of chasing snakeman soldiers, while he made his escape from the city. He told the mongrelmen he'd " right back.")  

Quote of the Night 

"Long Live Evil!" -Leslie Bradley

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