PRECAP: B Team, 2-24-19

Last we checked in on the B Team, Nolan and Lama had gotten themselves into a bit of a pickle – the seemingly abandoned town of Geb’s Rest turned out to be not so abandoned after all, with fast-moving strangely dressed undead (?) appearing from nowhere, and more coming. If the body that was in the fountain is indeed the scholar Rijana (and all evidence seems to suggest it is), the absence of townsfolk and presence of these undeads can only lead the party to think that some arcane mischief is at work. Tasks at hand:

1. first and foremost, obtain the other three books that Rijana was writing. Retrieving these was Master Bashir’s sole non-negotiable. Perhaps there are some clues within the book you have that could lead to the locations of the others?

2. Figure out what’s going on, where are the residents of Geb’s Rest, what is up with these undeads, and if the townsfolk left any portable loot when they departed.

Trouble at the old barn!


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