RECAP: 5th Avengers, 11-22-20

By Tucker

We have heard that all manner of strange things are happening at the Moathouse. On his watch the night before leaving, Geth, knowing that the Welcome Wench is several hundred feet from the river, senses that the river is quite loud. Going to a window where he can see the river, Geth can see in the moonlight a puddle of water moving down the road–he recognizes them as water elementals, shifting in and out of each other and moving away toward us, right down the middle of the road. Geth can also tell that they are headed in the direction that we will travel when we head to the Moathouse. He reports his observations to the group over breakfast.

We head off to the Moathouse. We are told that the story of the house was that the people behind the Temple of Elemental Evil hired a group of workers to build a house in the middle of the swamp. It was a huge fiasco and it ended up with pumping water out of the house into a moat around it. No one understood why it was necessary.

We set a marching order with Balyx in front. Caela casts Beast Sense to send her owl out to scout, and Geth guides her along while she watches through the predator’s eyes. Everyone suspects that we are not alone. We come to a clearing, and Caela’s owl detects multiple contacts ahead of us, apparently tracking us. We move onward, and are met by a dog with two heads, and Jarry can tell it stinks quite badly. Geth can tell the dog is not natural and is not from around here. It does not trip Balyx’s Divine Sense. Everyone but Lauris notices that we have been surrounded. Lauris charges the one he saw. We recognize them as death dogs and enter combat.

We killed all the death dogs. It took a long time and many different tricks. Balyx killed four times as many of them as Lauris’s weasel did.