P6 Rules

As we’ve talked about before, B Team will follow P6 rules, and some of you (Leinhard, at top of mind) have already hit the cap. You get an extra feat for every 5000 xp after level 6, and there are some additional (and highly useful) feats in the P6 rules that you probably want to take a look at.

One other thing: the reason behind us using P6 for B Team is to ensure that new players don’t have to create high level characters at start. So here’s what I’m thinking:

  1. Replacement characters (meaning, new characters that come in to replace killed or retired characters) for current players will come in at 5th level + 1 xp.
  2. New characters (for new players entering the game for the first time) will come in at 4th level + 1 xp.

Why the difference? Basically, I think that, if you can’t come into a campaign at 1st level, 4th level is a pretty good level to learn at – not quite so denty, a few powers and feats to choose from to customize you character, 2nd level spells for casters. But at the same time, being a couple levels below the ambient creates a sense of responsibility on the part of the experienced players for the new players, to help keep them alive and advancing. I think it works.

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