PRECAP: A Team, 2-10-19

The vampire spawns are all staked and beheaded (gruesome work); the babaus hissing and popping in heaps on the floor, melting under the ministrations of their acidic sweat and blood. Idrian Vosner, Mendevian crusader who had been nearly drained of blood, sobs quietly about the fates of his fellows, and says fearfully: “Theruk! Theruk Nul, the vampire priest! You must find him. He must die! He has killed so many…” The sobbing continues.

Vengeance against the Drezeni, vampire or not, seems the order of the day… but you don’t feel you are any nearer to the Sword of Valor, that elusive banner that  maybe, just maybe, could put the Citadel back in crusader hands. Where is the damned thing? So far, not in this crypt. And what transpires above? Does Geir abide? Are the Drezeni abandoning their posts? Do they suspect that Vhane is dead? Does Aponavicius know her pet has met his doom? 

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