The last words of Ngul!Chuik

“Now?” asked Ranth.

“I see nothing,” Xanotopsis. “Don’t destroy that thing.”

The team held their positions. Xanotopsis stared into the distance. Seconds passed.

And then, for a moment, in the distance a small bright light shone. Like a star.

Xanotopsis paused. “It’s her.” he said simply, quietly. “She comes!” he yelled. he looked back and saw the gathered creatures of Orcus reforming their lines and moving out towards the plaza.

At that moment, in front of Rae, an apparition appeared; it was a Formian, not Ngul!chuik but like him in many ways. It spoke in Celestial to her:

“I bring a message from Ngul!chuik – will you hear it?”

Rae was frozen is surprise for a moment, but finally, she nodded.

“He says this:

My dear Rae of Sarenrae:

I am forever in your debt for saving me from General Myrac, and for giving me the opportunity to finish this quest. But I cannot abide the possibility that I would be a tool of Myrac and help his army exit the rift.

So I have decided, at this time I will call upon the power of my ancestors and delay the army of Orcus for as long as the Hierophant allows, and purchase you as much of the time you need to succeed as I may.

If Pharasma wills it, seek out my hive in the afterlife. I will ensure my brothers and sisters know your name and the rocks upon which you stood.

Farewell, my human sister.

In the distance, Xanotopsis heard Ngul!chuik’s voice, trilling and clacking, singing some sort of Formian song. Ngul!chuik raised his javelin high, then galloped toward the advancing horde, increasing his speed to the point where by the time reached their advancing lines, he was more cannonball than creature. All could hear the the distant howls of Orcus’ creatures baying for Ngul!chuik’s blood. Xanotopsis saw him slam into the oncoming horde and become enveloped entirely in the sheer volume of enemies.

No one ever saw Ngul!chuik again.

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